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Chasing Redbacks: Tallinn Treat 2

05/09/2017 13:06:22

Chasing Redbacks: Tallinn Treat 2


The good weather might be ending but the good times are still rolling for your players at 32Red. Chasing Redbacks: Tallinn Treat 2 is an unashamed repeat of August’s popular promotion, the idea being that players are rewarded with MPNPT tickets simply for enjoying themselves at the tables.

To receive a free ticket, players need only collect Redbacks while they play, with the value of the MPNPT ticket being determined by the amount of Redbacks accumulated during the month.

We like to reward players for spending time at our tables, and its possible with this promotion to earn not only a €550 Main Event seat but even a €1,500 package for the Tallinn leg of the MPN Poker Tour (19-22 October).

Note that this award doesn’t affect the usual 30% Rakeback payment, so everyone is free to rack up Redbacks and take a step towards being part of Team32Red at the much-anticipated €150,000 guaranteed event.

For more information and for banners etc., simply email us at contact@ttrpartners.com